I run a course at the DTC in Bury. The course involves staff and their digital leaders coming down to the training centre in Bury; it went down well with everyone- I think! The content of the course is to look at Raspberry Pi computers, we look at the components and the basic software on the device.

Within the course we looked at Scratch, Sonic Pi and Minecraft- all three are available for free with the NOOBS package. Scratch is the programming software that allows you to make animations or games. Sonic Pi is an exciting programming software that lets the user sequence blocks of music so that in the end you can make a song in a similar way to a music producer- definitely ticking of STEM targets. As for Minecraft, in short it is a ‘sandbox’ game which allows you to create anything you can imagine using blocks.

I’ve put together a quick video using iMovie (the password is Raspberry):

Raspberry Pi Course from Adam Chase on Vimeo.

Here is a sound recording of a song we collectively made using Sonic Pi, all the children are 7-10:


Here is a review of a Raspberry Pi by a 10 year old girl:

That’s it really, if you are interested in learning a bit more about Raspberry Pi’s  check out: