I am a big fan of using iPad’s Airplay system as a bit of an all-rounder; I use it as a Visualiser, I demonstrate apps and I use it to record and play Animations and Videos. If you’re not using it already in your classroom here is what it is and how you can usAirServere it in your class for practically free.


Uses for AirPlay in the classroom:

  • Portable whiteboard using an app, such as Explain Everything, I will go into using this app at a later date but basically it works just like an interactive whiteboard. With AirPlay, you can walk around the room whilst annotating on the whiteboard.
  • Mobile Document Camera – I often point out excellent work as I go around my class using this. It also works well for sharing artistic techniques and my class can be a distance away or be following this in their places.Apple TV
  • Group Presentations – children can share their work at the click of a button. This is a very powerful and efficient way of inspiring work in your class.
  • Annotation of Student Work – my favourite app at the moment is Annotable but others are available, the Alan Peat Visualiser App is very good too!
  • Screencast of iPhone/iPad App for Instruction – If we are doing any kind of iPad work I insist on showing steps in chunks of two or three steps and then the children replicate it. With AirPlay your class can see it on the big screen rather than crowding round an iPad or working on iPads in groups.
  • Quick Slideshows to Summarize Work- As with the group presentations this is a very powerful tool. Often children produce work that goes in their book or is saved to the school server, why not share it to a large screen and celebrate it!

Final Thoughts:

Airplay is ideal for Teachers who want to use an iPad in the classroom to share student work or a demonstration. Also, it is easy to do and fairly cheap, to use it you will need an Apple TV or download a piece of software called AirServer to your computer or laptop. Following infrastructure, all you need to do as a user is drag from the bottom of your iPad screen and tap on AirPlay Mirroring and select the correct computer.Mirroring

Let me know how you get on with AirPlay in your class and what you’ve used it for!


Adam Chase (@_geekyteacher)