One of the apps I use in my classroom on a weekly basis is Annotable. The app is so useful in so many situations. Most of the tools are quite basic, however I feel that this is one of the factors that makes it effective for both student and teacher use.

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In the Classroom:

  • Annotating images- Students can point out objects, locations and what they have learned within a photo.
  • Teacher Annotations- finished work from children could be annotated as a form of marking.
  • Definitions or thought splurges- this could be of a topic in a spider diagram type activity or it could be a character description which could be shared later.
  • Annotation as a question- topic in the centre of the screen and children could write questions they would like answered around it.
  • Digital Mini Whiteboard- the tools on Annotable include draw, type text, label with arrows and many more. This makes it an ideal digital whiteboard for individuals.
  • Peer Assessment – work that is either partial or completely finished could be reviewed and annotated in peer groups. This could then feed into future work.


Annotable is a great tool for annotating and assessing work to provide formative feedback on the fly. It is available for free purchase with some basic tools however more advanced tools can be expensive. How have you used Annotable in class? Please share your thoughts and class ideas.