I am a huge fan of GoNoodle! I love the wide variety of web-based videos and activities that focus on introducing short bursts of physical exercise in the classroom. For young children who need to burn up energy to concentrate on learning, this is a simple solution. The videos vary between 1 all the way up to 10+ minutes and everywhere in between which means you can definitely find something for your class. I have explored GoNoodle and GoNoodle Plus and I have found 10 great and probably unknown features of GoNoodle. So here are 10 uses for Go Noodle that you may not know about:

Mega Maths Marathon

Mega Maths Marathon is an enjoyable way to practise maths in and out of class, players run on the spot and answer Year group specific maths questions, questions can be customised to areas of maths. I am excited to go back in September and see how it enriches my class’ attitude to maths.



Bodyspell is another new feature where students make their bodies into the shape of each letter in a word they are spelling. Bodyspell.png You can choose one of 45 ready-made word lists already in the game, or upload your own words. As each class has a list of 100 “Core Words” that they should know how to read and spell by the each key stage.

At Home

Your class can create their own accounts and stay active with their favourite GoNoodle videos. Whether it’s starting the day off active on a school day, a lazy weekend morning, during school holidays they could start the day off with a positive thought and motivation helps a child’s mood and self-confidence. Here are some other ways GoNoodle can help at home: keeping motivated with Homework, calming down before bedtime or even staying active on a wet, rainy day.

Add your own YouTube

This is an amazing feature that allows you to add any video from YouTube and play them inside your GoNoodle account. No sketchy, inappropriate ads or automatic plays of unrelated videos! There is a guide on how to do this here which I recommend people have a look at as it is such a valuable and unused feature.   

Youtube Channel.png

Question Sets

Question Sets, which was previously known as My Questions, allows teachers with GoNoodle Plus to customize select Learning Games with their own curriculum content. Question Sets help teachers use movement to engage students while introducing, practicing, and reviewing any topic.Question sets 2.png Teachers can create Question Sets on their own and share with colleagues, or use one of 100+ pre-made Question Sets in GoNoodle’s library, curated by their team. There are several games that allow question sets, these are: Field Trip, Freeze It, Montana James and the Palace of Peril, Ultimate Champ Training, Think On Your Feet and Maximo the Magnificent!

Opportunities for leadership

My pupils love any chance to be in-charge, so each day we have a student leader who is in charge of several things around our class, one of-which is picking a brain break. So they choose a video and they even lead it to the class.

Field Trip

On this GoNoodle Plus features, pupils can run, dodge, and jump through a school trip and are rewarded with virtual visits to amazing destinations.Question Sets.png They can go inside a computer, peek into an ant hill or even, if they are lucky enough, stare up a nose. With dozens of field trip destinations and an emphasis on science and technology facts, every play is an opportunity to stir student interest.


Think On Your Feet

Think On Your Feet is a team-based trivia or review game on GoNoodle Plus, that challenges pupils to quickly answer questions whilst moving their bodies. Team 1 gets one minute to correctly answer as many questions as they can before Team 2 takes a turn. Each round lasts approximately two minutes, with the physical activity switching at the beginning of every round. Both teams must keep moving the whole time, teachers can customise these questions too!

Think on your Feet.png

Learning Extensions

This is another good feature on GoNoodle Plus, this has more than 100 Learning Extensions built on themes from GoNoodle videos and cover a wide range of subjects, GoNoodle Sheets.pnggrades, and skill levels. Subjects covered include maths, science, topic, foreign languages and health this could be a helpful feature for teachers.


GoNoodle Blog

In my opinion the best feature of GoNoodle is the Blog, it is full of advice and tips from teachers, ambassadors and the GoNoodle Team. I find it constantly helpful when looking at features, tips and practical ideas, I thoroughly recommend that other teachers should look at it too!

Final Thoughts

I hope your class enjoys GoNoodle as much as mine does, from exploring GoNoodle Plus I am already excited to get started with some of the new, interesting features. 

Let me know how you get on by commenting below!


Adam Chase (@_geekyteacher)