To celebrate the release of the Wonder, a film based on the book by R.J. Palacio a portrait creator has also been launched so that your class can create their own versions of the iconic front covers, which can even have one of Mr Browne’s terrific precepts.  I thought I’d go through a quick step-by-step guide on how to make your own Wonder-ous Portraits. You can access it here.

Links in with:

  • Literacy- either the book in class or to create a class/child version for their English book
  • Art and Design – for work on drawing in a style similar to Picasso.
  • Digital Literacy – creating a piece of work digitally for a purpose.
  • Anti-bullying week – a different way to create an interesting thought -provoking piece of work.

Starting out:


It’s quite basic to work through and my class found it very straight forward. You start by choosing your face shape and hair for your avatar. You’ll notice that everything is basic in a black and white motif, keeping in style with of the book. You can change hair length to suit how you want.


The next step is to select ears and eyes; you will notice that you can only choose to have a left or right eye, this is again in-keeping with the front cover art of the book.



Following facial features users can select accessories, a game I played with my class was how many accessories we could spot that had a direct description in the book. I of course chose the space helmet!



Afterwards the next step is to add a name, with Online Safety in mind I made the decision that we should only use first names or initials.

Add Your Name


Children can add one of Mr Browne’s amazing precepts, this works on a ‘randomizer’ and if children think that the precept doesn’t quite suit their portrait they can spin again.

Final Steps:

After creating a pleasing portrait users can choose to download and print their portrait. There are a few different display options so your children can choose the one they think is the most appropriate to their use.


Standing on my soapbox for a second, I think that this resource, the hashtag and most of all the book are especially powerful during Anti-Bullying week. It has long been my belief that we should try to deal with bullying issues and Anti-Bullying Week in positive ways such as encouraging appreciation and tolerance of others by discussing them, rather than ‘lets stop the bullies’ type activities, as negative strategies will just perpetuate bullying behaviour. Right sermon over! Sorry about that!

Finished Product

Let me know how you use it in class by commenting below! Most of all let’s remember to use the Wonder hashtag on Twitter  during Anti-Bullying Week #ChooseKind #IAmWonder

I hope you enjoy using it, my class and I thought it was a lovely quick resource


Adam Chase