I love explaining how technology works as it create moments of awe and wonder with my pupils, they love finding out how things work. I am also a big fan of physical computing and STEM/ STEAM activities. Imagine an app which combines both to make learning about STEM/ STEAM than ever before!

I am always looking for more interesting ways to explain computing concepts and bring physical computing into the classroom. It is fantastic to see a product like the SamLabs Curious Cars Kit and the App that works with it. Here is an interesting video from the creator Joachim Horn:


How does it work?

The SamLabs kit each have their own batteries that charge through a Micro USB charger which is found on most devices. The blocks are essentially a smart construction kit as the blocks connect to each other wirelessly using Bluetooth which uses the SAM app. The Curious Cars App is a great way to take your first steps into using the SAM blocks. The app has a series of games which are similar to popular games such as ‘flappy bird’, ‘space invaders’, ‘pong’ and ‘track and field’ which are used with the circuit blocks to help users get accustomed to using the blocks. There are some levels/ games that also get users comfortable with putting the cars together with the SAM blocks in a step-by-step way.

Is that it?

That’s not all, there is another free app that can be used to create awesome inventions, this is called SAM Labs Education. I am planning to do this with my class when they are all comfortable with using the Curious Cars App.

Here is a unboxing video that my Gadget Geeks made, these are our school’s digital leaders. Every year they are asked if they would like to be called Gadget Geeks or Digital Leaders and every year they choose to be geeks.

To sum up I think this is a brilliant resource that could be used in a number of ways to teach STEM and STEAM activities and I am really looking forward to continuing using it at school with my class.


Adam Chase